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Sweet Cherry Slab Pie

Nothing is better than a freshly baked pie for a summer cookout, especially if it can be made into a perfectly portable dessert like this incredible slab pie. I have had my eye on making a slab pie ever since … Continue reading

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Cherry Hand Pies

Forget the plates and utensils! This is the best way to bring a pie to a cookout or picnic! As I have mentioned numerous times I am a huge fan of fruit pies, but sometimes they are just too messy to … Continue reading

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Mini Spiced Plum Galettes

During the summer I love to make pie and fruit tarts with seasonal fruit but as soon as fall rolls around rustic galettes are one of my favorite desserts to make. They look like they take a lot of time … Continue reading

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Pflaumenkuchen (Plum Cake)

This past weekend we went to a party celebrating one of our friends becoming a US citizen. Everyone that came was asked to bring a dish that reflected their ancestral background. My husband Andrew is both Irish and Scottish so … Continue reading

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