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Caramel Marshmallow Brownies

Rich and decadent Caramel Marshmallow Brownies with walnuts, toasted marshmallows and a gooey caramel drizzle. There is no doubt that brownies are one of the ultimate crowd pleasing desserts. I made these for a Memorial Day cookout that we are going … Continue reading

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Graham Cracker S’mores Cookies

Graham Cracker S’mores Cookies with a graham cracker base, topped with a chocolate chip marshmallow cookie and chopped Hershey’s bars on top. If you are a fan of  s’mores, watch out! These are incredible! 🙂 I don’t know about you, … Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Filling

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with a fluffy marshmallow filling and creamy chocolate frosting. These dangerously decadent cupcakes are sure to delight any chocolate lover. By mixing the cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate with the butter, rather than adding the cocoa to the dry … Continue reading

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Toasted Coconut Rice Krispies Treats

A tropical twist on the classic rice krispie treat, these toasted coconut rice krispie treats are perfect for any occasion. Rice Krispie treats have been smiles on the faces of children and adults alike since Mildred Day invented them in … Continue reading

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S’More Granola Bars

S’more granola bars! What is the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it family camping trips, summer time? Or maybe the thought of a warm delcious graham cracker with a toasted marshmallow and chocolate bar smothered in between? Is there really … Continue reading

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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

You are looking at one of my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes! As you know, I LOVE sweet potatoes and Thanksgiving is not quite Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes. 🙂 Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good sweet potato casserole, … Continue reading

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S’Mores Cookies

I love s’mores!  I mean really, what fun is camping without s’mores? I have to admit that I have tried making s’mores in the microwave, on the gas grill, and even with a pocket lighter. Don’t judge, I have an obsession! So … Continue reading

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Chocolate Marshmallow Surprise Cookies

Decadent chocolate cookies with a hidden surprise! A roasted marshmallow is hidden beneath chocolate frosting. I have started thinking about which cookies are going to make the cut for my holiday cookie boxes that I give out to my friends, … Continue reading

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S’more Nut Bars

  Chocolately, rich, salty and sweet-that is how I describe this awesome dessert! This weekend my best friend Beth and I were both in our hometown visiting. Unfortunately she lives about six hours away from me, so we try to … Continue reading

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